Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nike Training Club Review 1!

Okay, My final verdict is
[Disclaimer: This was my only attempt, more to come]
I loved the App, I really did. It did a great job explaining all the work outs and encouraging. As far as results go. I didn't see any. I was able to increase my running amount and speed but I didn't really see a difference anywhere else.
I will be doing another program again this week. But I was very disappointed with my own personal results. I did not lose any wieght and did not see a difference that is why I haven't posted any before and after photos, so sad. But I will be trying the get lean program starting tommorrow!
So therefore this workout program is not yet approved for my body type! Might be better for some of you out there =)
Overall a great App.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NTC...Am I done yet?!

      Today I began week 3 of 4 of my Nike training club program. Let me tell ya!... It's been a rough three weeks!! As I mentioned in my previous post I created an intermediate, get toned, with running work out program. This has been some intense training. They start you off running 5 miles and just goes up from there. So if you can't run farther than 3 miles or longer than 45 min I would not recommend adding the running until you get the that point.

      This week I just figured out how to modify a work out. Due to my carpal tunnel I struggle with push-ups and froggers etc. So when you review a workout you can "edit" it. I place "edit" in quotations because you really only can edit one or two individual workouts per workout.

Although I am having a rough time with this work out it is definitely worth it. It may not look like you are working hard but man do you sweat! You cannot skip runs or workouts or it will yell at you!
You can also set the app to remind you to do a specific workout on a specific day.

Now... I woke up this morning with a cyst on my wrist making it even harder to do the 45 Min advanced yoga workout. So I have been modifying the times and it makes it way harder! So if you have problems with wrists I wouldn't recommend this program to you.

Overall one of the best Apps I have used to date.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Nike Training Club

          On Sunday I, Andrea, will be completing week 2 of the Nike Training Club. A free app that allows you to create and customize a workout plan. I have chosen to do an intermediate, toning work out plan that also implements running. So far I have done some really intense yoga, some crazy HIIT workouts and have ran 5 miles! Next week we're going 6! The Nike Training Club app is fantastic. As you work out you earn your Nike+ fit points, if you follow those like me! (yet still don't quite get what their all about yet). 

         Nike Training Club features all women but is ideal for men as well! There is no Gender specifics to this app! BELIEVE ME! 

          The only thing I am struggling with on this app is that some of the customization moves are almost the same. For example: I have carpal tunnel syndrome that causes me to struggle with plank like workouts and anything that puts lots of strain on my wrists. Alot of the workouts have these kinds of work outs that I struggle with. I personally push through them but I am constantly trying to find a good hard modified movement for the workout. 
           If you don't have a consistent week that doesn't allow you to run 5 miles or to have a 45 min workout every few days you may have difficulty. My training plan changes every week and can range from 15 min yoga videos to 45 min HIIT training. So prepare your week accordingly. 

          What I love about this program is that you can set alarms and reminders to get you to work out! You also earn other workouts and there is a huge library of great workouts with different time frames! 
Definitely a good runner up after Befit 90! 

I will keep you all up to date on how its going in a few days!