Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 Day Cleanse 2.0!!

Sorry it as been a while ya'll but Tuesday and I have been going through some personal reflection and situations that have unmotivated us for a while. But today and for the next three days I hope to regain that motivation by starting off with a Three Day Detox Cleanse. 

I found it on Pintrest of course! and my mom and I will be going through the process with you all! At the end I will post the shopping list and my review of the Detox before anyone goes any further. But if you want to get a head start click the photo above!! =) 

Day 1:absolutely horrible...... Well till dinner. The breakfast smoothie was okay, just frothy due to the celery and the parsley. But lunch....I will not eat today. I am going to be finding another detox salad. I usually can get past the feeling of throwing up and down the stuff but this salad was utterly horrible. I ended up throwing up what I did eat. Trying to blend it didn't help either. There was another option for lunch so I will be trying that. But dinner OMG was so good! Mom and I are going to be making this soup more often. It was so hearty and yummy for being completely free of meat or animal bi products! So yummy will definitely be making it again!