Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiny Tea: Day 1

I'm not going to lie, so far I'm really disappointed! I grabbed two tea bags this morning and put them in my purse so I could make tea when I got to work and again around lunch time. I went to open the first tea bag (they're all wrapped in individual wrappers) and the tea bag split open and the tea went everywhere. One tea bag down, and you only have the specific amount needed for the 14-days.

I decided for today's morning and lunch tea I'd just have to use one bag and it'd be a little weaker. I was much more careful opening the second bag and I STILL almost tore the teabag open. It is ridiculous how small the wrappers are and they should have made them a little larger so they could be opened more easily. I opened it without breaking it, however, there was already a hole in the side of the tea bag! They seem to be very cheaply made. I TAPED the side of the tea bag shut because I can't waste another one. I had no idea if it would survive the boiling water, if the tape would melt, etc but I tried it anyway. And it worked thankfully!

Now for the taste. I'm a tea fan but this tea just isn't the most tasty to say the least. Hopefully tonight when I'm home I can try it with some honey and maybe it'll be a little better tasting! Either way though, it's not about the taste and I'm just hoping for good results with this detox! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tiny Tea

Hey guys! So today I placed my order with Your Tea and once my purchase arrives I'll be starting my 14-day Tiny Tea "Teatox".

This detox/cleanse was developed by a team of Chinese Medicine practitioners and it's made to provide nourishment to your digestive system while cleansing, replenishes and restores your digestive system to its natural state, helps ease bloating and can aid your body in weight loss. This tea also increases digestive function and your energy levels, and helps clear skin.

Other than the obvious reasons, what attracted me to this particular cleanse is the fact that Tiny Tea is the only herbal cleanse available that doesn't produce a laxative effect. I'm a huge fan of cleanses and have done a few over the past couple years and to be honest, this is always a concern when starting a new cleanse. I've never had a problem with any of the cleanses I've done in the past but I know a lot of people do and are wary about doing a cleanse because they don't want the undesired side effects in the bathroom. Other than the obvious discomfort, there are other reasons why laxatives aren't a good way to go about jump starting weight loss (if that's what you're hoping for by choosing this cleanse). You can read a few reasons why here, but if laxatives are something you're truly considering for weight loss you should do a lot of research on your own. Your overall health is much more important than losing a few quick pounds!

I'm choosing to start with the 14-day package to see if I like it, but there is also a 28-day Tiny Tea cleanse available on Your Tea's website. Once I get my tea in the mail, I'll be drinking it 3 times a day, 30 minutes before or after my meals. The only beverages other than the tea that I'm going to allow myself to drink during the detox are green tea, black coffee and water. Other than that, I'm not going to drastically change my diet (maybe just cut out some more junk food and sugars). My exercise routine is also going to stay the same.

I'll be uploading before, during and after photos, as well as updates on how things are going. So if you're interested, stay tuned!

Also, if any of you are interested in Your Tea's products they have a variety of tea's available and tons of information including FAQs on their website!

<3 Tuesday

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Detox Round 2, Diary Style

This week I am starting the same Jillian Michaels Detox. 

Unfortunately I do not own a measuring tape so I will not be able to tell if any measurements changed but I do have a scale and the eyes of some great people. 

Day One's Drink
This time I am going to keep you guys posted with how I am doing during the week! Beginning with day one and ending with day seven [the day before I go on vacation!] 

Bikini body here I come! 

Here is the recipe for the Detox that I posted two weeks ago ----> Jillian 7 Day Detox Drink

Here is how I am doing =)

Goals for this week of detoxing and beyond...
  • Today I vowed to eat clean for this whole week. 
  • Since its really hard on your body to just change our diet really suddenly I have chosen to have one reward day (a yummy coffee or 1 meal out) and less snacks. 
  • I will not talk down about myself. I will constantly compliment my progress not put myself down. 
Weight, 172 lb [Pic's Later...=)]
Drink is yummy and bitter as ever. =)  

Its officially day two! 
  • Had a weird headache for the first part of the day..Not completely sure if its from the clean eating and the drink but I normally don't get headaches. 
  • Not much to report on day two but! My metabolism seemed to speed up a little bit today and I wasn't craving snacks nearly as much at work and at home. 
  • Lets keep it up

Day four....
  • Oops...Today wasn't a good day. I started off eating well then I used all my cheats in one evening. I ate a burger, some BBQ chips with bean dip and even had half a beer..
  • I felt good till then... 
  • Today was an oops day. 
  • I weighed in at 171 lb. So not to shabby. 

Day Five...Remixxxxxx
  • So today is day five. I am only half way through the day but I have already started eating better. I ate a yummy tuna fish sandwich using light mayo, whole wheat bread and lettuce. With an apple on the side and of course the yummy detox H2O. 
  • Here is a really good website I found on chosing the right kind of bread..... "Tips and tricks for choosing the right bread!"
  • Felt guilty about eating badly yesterday so I am making up for it today. Even after yesterdays cheating I still weight 171 lbs. Couple more to go! 
  • 3 days left! and 4 till I head onto vacation! 

Day Six.....urgggg
  • Today I didn't want to get out of bed. This time around as well as last time the fifth and the sixth days were days were I felt extremely bloated. 
  • Although it was my rest day according to my BeFit in 90 Challenge. I was forced to walk a total of 7 miles today. The first 2.5 to the store and back for shampoo and the 3.5 to meet a client to drop her CD of photos off. So I burned a total of 689 Calories anyway. 
  • Tomorrow is the last day. My plans for tomorrow include a detox bath to end my day. AND get rid of the last bit of junk that may be lurking around in my system. 
Dun Dun Dun DAY SEVEN! 
    DIY Green Tea Detox Bath
  • Today was rough. I was tired from my early morning work out but being able to have this drink by my side kept me going and curbed my hunger until it was actually time to eat! And that's rough for me. 
  • I ended my day with an amazing green tea detox bath to sweat out what all I had left. 
  • Here a link to a great detox bath instructions that I use constantly!! Green Tea Detox Bath, And others. 
  • My personal favorite is the lavender oil bath! My favorite especially with a coconut butter body butter after. 
  • I ate pretty clean today and tomorrow I will be weighing myself and taking finishing pictures. Cause results don't happen instantly ladies. 
  • So far feeling alright. Eating clean is harder than it looks.... Well for me.
The end result: 
169 lbs!! 3 pounds down =) 
I personally do not see a difference. But here is a picture from day one versus this morning. 
I see a difference in the bottom two pictures but not in the top two pictures. 
This detox has been amazing. I went through a few rough patches of wanting to cheat and bloating. The detox bath helped a lot for the end of this detox. 

If I was to get this detox a rating out of five stars, as of right now it would be a 3. 

And it would definitely receive a stamp of approval! BOOM!
Jillian Michaels really hit the nail on the head with this detox. I will definitely use it again. Next time I will hopefully be more of a clean eater and not a cheater! 

In my day to day diary above (if you haven't read it already) you will find links to the drink, great bread ideas and other fun stuff! 

Please keep following Tuesday and I on our motivational journey! 
Stay Beautiful!!!