Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiny Tea: Day 1

I'm not going to lie, so far I'm really disappointed! I grabbed two tea bags this morning and put them in my purse so I could make tea when I got to work and again around lunch time. I went to open the first tea bag (they're all wrapped in individual wrappers) and the tea bag split open and the tea went everywhere. One tea bag down, and you only have the specific amount needed for the 14-days.

I decided for today's morning and lunch tea I'd just have to use one bag and it'd be a little weaker. I was much more careful opening the second bag and I STILL almost tore the teabag open. It is ridiculous how small the wrappers are and they should have made them a little larger so they could be opened more easily. I opened it without breaking it, however, there was already a hole in the side of the tea bag! They seem to be very cheaply made. I TAPED the side of the tea bag shut because I can't waste another one. I had no idea if it would survive the boiling water, if the tape would melt, etc but I tried it anyway. And it worked thankfully!

Now for the taste. I'm a tea fan but this tea just isn't the most tasty to say the least. Hopefully tonight when I'm home I can try it with some honey and maybe it'll be a little better tasting! Either way though, it's not about the taste and I'm just hoping for good results with this detox! 

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