Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Update/Late Mothers Day Post

Oh My goodness its been a while. 
Surprisingly I have been able to keep up my hard work while maintaining a busy busy schedule that includes, school, work and football. I think I even went on vacation since the last time I posted! 

On my vacation I was able to keep my motivation going and working out because of my Amazing Mother. My mom moved to Arizona around the same time I moved to the Tri-Cities. So we've been apart for about a year. In that year my mom has been able to achieve her goal of running 10 miles almost every day. She is hoping to run a half marathon here sometime this summer. Not only is she reaching health goals but she is very close to graduating with her doctorate degree in education. I am so proud of her! She is my true inspiration to keep on going no matter what it is. On our trip we were still able to work out almost every day. Including, climbing this lovely rock in the picture to the right. She taught me some great things about staying motivated and calm. I often find myself worrying if I can't get a work out in or if I can't get my work done. She helped me understand how to control it and to be calm. She also taught me some healthy eating tips, like smoothie ideas and dinner replacements. I will be sharing those with you as we go. 
Thanks mom for EVERYTHING you have EVER done for me my WHOLE life. I LOVE YOU! 

If you wanna see and read abut my adventures in Arizona please see my photography blog at andreabphoto.blogspot.com

Since I've been gone I have reached level three of my 90 day BeFit challenge! This last month is full of Dynamic growth and Plyo-metric workouts. This Befit challenge is amazing! I would seriously recommend it! I feel great and definitely feel more toned and healthy! The trainer tips on your rest days are truly helpful as well. So if you do it, make sure to watch them! Just in this last month so far I've lost 3 pounds! 
Which puts me at 168 lb. I have officially lost 10 pounds since I began working out every day. 

Next workout challenge will be the Nike trainer workouts! 

Here is a little daily Motivation for you
I love and adore anything Dr. Seuss. I grew up on him, thanks to my beautiful mother. This morning when doing my daily motivational quote I found this one. I love the rhyme but also love the message. 

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