Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day

Today is one of my favorite days. I love acknowledging my little bit of Irish heritage that is lurching there under my massive amounts of German heritage. Normally I participate in the Bellingham St. Patrick's day parade but this year because we moved I wasn't able to. But here is a fun picture from last year. This race I always made some of the best times! plus it was a great time to spend with my mom.
My mother and I getting ready to take on the run! 

  Even on these fun and wild holidays I still like to get and stay motivated. This morning I thought it would be fun to send Tuesday a cute St. Patrick's day quote that was along the lines of motivation and I found this one. 

The Irish have many great sayings and it is always good to remember what you have. Blessings happen every day, from the smallest of smiles to the biggest of gifts. This quote is wonderful because it allows us to always remember to live in the moment. Staying motivated is a day to day struggle for many of us. So when we remember that our day to day blessings are what matter the most we should cherish what we have when it happens. In our case today I was blessed by some of the greatest friends. And of course Tuesday sent me an Irish quote as well. 

Tuesdays help getting me motivated helps me every day and I hope that all of you can find that one thing or person that can help you get through your day. 

Today I also started a seven day detox water from Jillian Michaels. In six days I'll post my review and results. 

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