Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jump right in!

Ok, Enough of the chit chat and the blah blah. Don't lie, I know you're all thinking it! But hey, blogs are hard to start man! Got to have some kind of background. 

Although we're no professional health gurus, we are our own self-proclaimed motivational aides. Sometimes it's fun to share with everyone what kind of new things you've discovered and what kind of things work and don't work. So that's why we are here. 

I just heard in a commercial that the number one excuse people say for not working out is: 
"I don't have the time" 
That's definitely true most of the time, But there are so many videos out there that take either 10 or 20 min! Not all of them take a  whole hour! Work out videos are a good and quick way to get a workout in and out of the way for the day! 

I found the greatest YouTube channel ever. The channel is put together by Lionsgate BeFit. The company that does most of the countries work out videos. This channel provided me with full length work out videos. [Link to channel]

I love work out videos because:
#1 Free! You don't have to get a gym membership
#2 Usually pretty quick and you can do them in the morning before work or in between crazy schedules. 
#3 You actually get a good sweat
#4 No embarrassment of looking like a dork. For example, Zumba. I'm so nervous to go to a gym to do Zumba because of the embarrassment, but an at home video really takes the embarrassment away. 
#5 You can try almost anything! I've done kick boxing, to belly dancing, to yoga, to just Cardio and weight loss videos! 
#6 You can pair them with a RUN! I do that all the time. I will go for a run then come home and do a focus video. One day a run + abs the next a run + arms. 

There are so many more reasons why work out videos are awesome!
Please post any cool suggestions of videos you may have. I love hearing about them and trying out new workouts.
Like today I did Jillian Michaels' Kickboxing for the very first time, and man am I sore! 

Happy Workout

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