Sunday, February 16, 2014

Some personal statistics, Where do you rank?

Curiosity is what drives me most of the time. Curiosity as in, finding a new workout video, trying a new detox smoothie, or even going new places for a hike. My curiosity sparked an idea, what if we asked everyone else what curiosity meant to them. So I created a survey. If your curious like me, click (Here) and you can take the survey yourself. 

The survey I created was short and simple. Basically asking what motivation means as well as what it means in terms of health and fitness. This survey was open to anyone and was completely anonymous without any demographic questioning. I received many different answers some of which included: 

In asking what motivation means to them, these are some of the many responses I received:. 

"A force that compels you" 
"Something that makes you get up and get things done" 
"Motivation is what makes me accomplish things through intrinsic or extrinsic influences" 
"Something that causes you to do something you normally would put off" 

These are such great examples of what many people believe motivation is to them. Motivation is something that everyone has a view on. Whether it be religious or physical. Motivation is something that almost every human has a definition for. 

In another question asking what motivation means in terms of health and fitness, I received answers like these: 

"To set realistic goals for my runs and weight loss" 
"Motivation for health and fitness is thinking about how much harder its going to be to maintain and keep my body fit in the future if I do not take care of it now." 
"Looking good, Feeling good" 
"I want to be healthy so I can perform loving acts of kindness as God wants me to" 
"I am motivated to work out so that I can stay in good shape to do things that my family loves to do like hiking and canoeing. And I am in a better mood, less stressed when I work out."

Keeping and maintaining goals is a big part of staying motivated in terms of health and fitness. Family is an extremely amazing motivator. Many people want to stay motivated in order to be the person their family wants them to be; to be able to keep up and be able to do things with children or friends. Religion is another strong motivator. If you are determined to be the best you can be for the one you believe in, that can motivate you more than most things. For me, being able to be the best I can be for myself and the people around me is a big motivator. This means working out to relieve stress or eating a better meal to save myself from future health issues and to look better and feel better in the long run. 

In the survey, I also asked on a scale of 0 to 7 how motivated one is. 
41.67% of my survey takers said they are mostly satisfied with how motivated they already where but hoped to become more motivated. As well as stated that they would be interested in discovering new ways to become motivated. 

In a question asking what kinds of material would they be interested in aiding them in becoming more motivated, 25% said text prompts and books. 58.33% of survey takers said that Blogs and videos would help them the most, And THAT is why Tuesday and I have started this blog. Since majority of people are on the internet most of the day, why not motivated them to get up through the internet!?

This Blog is intended to provide you with the most recent videos and ideas on how to stay motivated. Including new workouts, diet plans, detoxes and adventures to keep you motivated. 

Lets Get Motivated!

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