Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who Are We?

Hi there,
We are the authors and creators of Two Girls, One Goal and we thought we would tell you a little bit about ourselves before we begin blogging. 
We are two girls who have struggled and battled with becoming motivated. Through our ups and downs in life and the positives and negatives, we have always been able to find a way to make ourselves happy in the end. We are two girls wanting to share our love for motivating each other with many of you others out there. We had started a challenge for ourselves a while ago to send each other a motivational quote everyday to get us going and be ready for the day. Its worked very well! and now we want to share our love for motivating each other with all of you. 

But first a little bit about us: 

I am Andrea, I am a psychology student at City University of Seattle. I was born and raised in Bellingham, WA and currently am living in Kennewick, WA. I am passionate about helping children and teens develop into strong healthy adults. I hope for my future to become a child and teen counselor. I currently am working a basic job to get me through school, with a photography business on the side. Taking pictures is something I absolutely love doing and will never stop! ( I have struggled with issues about my weight for years. Starting in middle school when I struggled to fit in on the volleyball team and continuing through high school. In high school I challenged myself to work out every day and I did for 365 days straight. I lost 20 lbs and gained it all back again in College. I am currently working to get back down to that high school weight and be proud of myself again. Besides struggling to fit in and working out all the time, my mind all ways contemplated eating disorders. More specifically I was more or less "interested" in binge and purging. I resorted to laxatives at one point. But fought with myself to stop. Luckily I had the will power and the support of my family, without them even knowing, to end it. Ever since then I have struggled with the idea in the back of my head to skip a meal or go purge right after a big meal. So now I have decided to change the motivation I have and get rid of that little devil screaming in the back of my head. 

Motivation to me is being able to wake up in the morning and be ready to face to day, whether or not that means getting your butt up to go work out or getting ready for work or school. Motivation is what everyone needs to get by.
Andrea before "Fun with the Fuzz 5K" Bellingham, WA

My name's Tuesday and I work as a front desk agent for a vacation club in Birch Bay, Washington and have been a freelance model on the side since September 2012. Two years ago I got my associate's degree and since then have taken a break from schooling to work full time while deciding what path I want to take for my career. Currently I'm looking at education options in the Seattle area to pursue my bachelor's in criminal justice where I'll specialize in forensic science and I couldn't be more excited!

At 5'9" I'm fairly tall and have always been on the lean side. However, regardless of the fact that I realize that, I can't remember a time in my life where I was happy with my body, or a time where I was ever satisfied or even comfortable in my own skin. I'm one of "those girls". The kind who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on diet fads, pills, weight loss supplements, cleanses, etc. since I was about 16 years old. Within' the past year or so I've come to terms with the fact that no fad or pill is going to magically get me where I want to be. Month to month my body is constantly changing in an unhealthy way because I struggle to find the proper motivation to create and stick to a healthy plan. For the past few months I've been working out two to three times a week with a personal trainer and at home. And this time....I have Andrea and her positive and motivating attitude to help me stick with it and succeed!

There are two keys to success in any and every aspect of life, inspiration and motivation. Some people use these two words interchangeably but they have different meanings in my eyes. To me, being inspired means that something or someone has made you want to take your body or your mind to a higher level, to change or grow in some way. Without inspiration, motivation is more of an artificial growth. If a person's motivation doesn't come from being inspired then I feel like it's coming from the feeling that they should be doing something different or that they should change. For example, when young girls feel pressured to be thin because the media is shoving images and ideas of beauty down their throats, their motivation to eat less or workout more is because they feel pressured to, not necessarily because they want to or because they're inspired. However, with inspiration AND motivation,  you can accomplish all your goals much easier and for the right reasons. Hopefully Andrea and I can both inspire and motivate you like we have inspired and motivated each other!

Tuesday kayaking the Waimea River in Kauai, HI. 

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