Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jillian Michaels 7 Day Detox drink ROUND 1

So as I mentioned in our last post, I began the 7 day Jillian Michaels Detox drink....
It was....good. I will admit I didn't eat as clean as I could have with one trip for late night Jack in the Crack breakfast with the beau. But I definitely felt a difference although there wasn't a loss of weight, I definitely felt cleaned out. Plus I was PMS'ing that week, which could have contradicted it....(just an excuse to make myself feel good). 
[NOTE! this was only round one, so my results may change]

I will be trying it again next week because I will be heading to sunny Arizona in two weeks!! For my spring break mini vacation and I would love to lose some of that bloat weight before I head there looking like a beached whale. 

Here's the recipe, along with my first round tips: 

60 oz Purified Water
2 Tblsp Lemon Juice (fresh or from the bottle) 
1 Tblsp Cranberry Juice (with as little sugar as you can find...Kroger brand was the cheapest and had lowest sugar) 
Dandelion Root Tea

-Make tea as instructed on box, cool to room temperature. 
-Add all ingredients together. 
-Drink all 60 oz a day for 7 days. 
-Remember to EAT HEALTHY!

I made this drink the night before, that way I could wake up and jump start my metabolism right away. 
60 oz was not very hard to drink, some people may think its a lot but it's not too bad. I now can't go a day without drinking 60 oz or more because of that drink. 
Remember to eat clean. I believe this is what made it not work completely for me. Next week I will be eating clean and doing this drink again to see if it makes a difference!

Here's one of the many blogs about it!  One girl even suggests adding licorice root to the mixture as well! Might try that next time! [Note: the picture here shows diet cran-cherry, I recommend not using that but using all natural cranberry juice with as low of sugar as you can find. Cranberry juice is a really good cleansing drink so the natural kind is naturally better ;)]

My boyfriend did it with me. He just called me about ten seconds ago just to tell me he wishes he could drink it every day. It had good flavor, if your used to dandelion tea and really made you feel clean. 

Here is my current progress! My goal is to lose tone my arms and legs as well as shrink my stomach and muffin top. =]
Top photo was this weekend, bottom photo was two weeks ago. 

Stay Beautiful!

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