Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NTC...Am I done yet?!

      Today I began week 3 of 4 of my Nike training club program. Let me tell ya!... It's been a rough three weeks!! As I mentioned in my previous post I created an intermediate, get toned, with running work out program. This has been some intense training. They start you off running 5 miles and just goes up from there. So if you can't run farther than 3 miles or longer than 45 min I would not recommend adding the running until you get the that point.

      This week I just figured out how to modify a work out. Due to my carpal tunnel I struggle with push-ups and froggers etc. So when you review a workout you can "edit" it. I place "edit" in quotations because you really only can edit one or two individual workouts per workout.

Although I am having a rough time with this work out it is definitely worth it. It may not look like you are working hard but man do you sweat! You cannot skip runs or workouts or it will yell at you!
You can also set the app to remind you to do a specific workout on a specific day.

Now... I woke up this morning with a cyst on my wrist making it even harder to do the 45 Min advanced yoga workout. So I have been modifying the times and it makes it way harder! So if you have problems with wrists I wouldn't recommend this program to you.

Overall one of the best Apps I have used to date.

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