Monday, July 14, 2014


No one likes to do it...No one wants to do it...
Is there alternatives!? Well not really...

Which honestly is extremely upsetting. Very very upsetting actually. If there was a way you could lose weight and not have stop eating pizza and hamburgers I would do it in an instant! But unfortunately it cant happen.

Now my biggest issue is SUGAR!!! I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth. Some may even say that I am addicted a sugar. I don't like saying that, but I will admit I do struggle with avoiding it.... =(

Most of the men in my family have Diabetes and that shocked me in to fear of getting it myself. As I have seemed to inherit every issue from my mom and my dad I was especially worried about this one.

I love my sugar and so it would be horrible to suffer from a problem relating to my sugar intake! 
So starting this weekend!! I am going to try everything to avoid artificial sugars....Like:
Energy Drinks,
and any other snack or treat that has a high volume of sugar in it.

Like today I bought all fruit juice Popsicles. Yes, that is what I said Popsicles. Now I know I am 22 years old but I absolutely love Popsicles. I am so much a child at heart, thus the sugar addiction! 

Also more fruit!!! Fruit FRUIT FRUIT! Seriously!! That is the best way for me to avoid fake sugars and bad sugars!! Especially through smoothies or even frozen! Yes I eat frozen fruits! if you freeze blue berries or raspberries they make really good cool snacks for the summer. (especially when you live in a hot place like I do!)

So here is my goal:
  • Fresh Fruit is allowed and
  • ONE Cheat per week!!
  • Keep up the working out!
Then! I found a website with a list of healthy sweets!!! I didn't have a clue that some of these where healthy!!
I am not always a chocolate person but when I am...I do dark. I love some of these ideas like the frozen fruits and yogurts, and dark chocolate treats! Take a look you might find something you may enjoy or endulge in!

Here is a few great websites with a list of tips on how to weed out sugar from you diet!! I am using tips from all of these websites in order to keep my mind going!! I will be keeping you all up to date as well here on a journal style blog.

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