Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sugar Detox Day One! and Increase Sex-Drive with Diet!

Today it begins...
My NO SUGAR detox...
All I am doing is cutting out all artificial sugars and sweeteners. Because of course you can't get rid of sugars that come naturally in allot of our foods I will not be attempting to get rid of these kinds of sugars. Plus you do need sugar for your daily functioning. Although many people believe that organic sugars can replace refined sugar it is still a good idea to watch your organic sugars as well (Organic Sugar vs White Sugar).
So, today is only the first day but I can already feel a change. Normally I would start my day off with a glass of juice and throughout the day have some candy, maybe a Popsicle or even an iced coffee. But today I have only had water, and egg with ham and toast, and pasta with meatballs (homemade by muah!). So no sugar...and I have a HEADACHE! what is this! I was really not expecting it to have an impact on the first day.
I did not think my body had become that accustomed to sugars in my body! Lets see how the rest of the week goes. I will be going to by some fruit tomorrow for some sweet tastes!

I also read some interesting article today about apples and had to share.
Ever wonder why your sex drive has gotten kinda low all of a sudden? Man I know I have wondered that before!!
This is a simple version of the news article I read but it says that eating better can be an aid in boosting your sex drive!!!
If you are having trouble getting in the "mood" you may need to increase your lean protein intake. Not so much eating more steaks and things but more like nuts or natural peanut butters. If you are having trouble getting aroused you may need to increase your choline levels. Legumes, Eggs and whole grains are good helpers in increasing Legumes. If you are just anxious about sex or can't complete and orgasm maybe you need to increase your GABA. GABA is a brain chemical that helps calm you down. Eating whole grains and high fiber foods can increase your GABA levels and help you maintain every day brain chemicals!
Other "Sex-Boosting" foods include:
Who knew just changing or adding certain foods to your diet can help you increase sex drive!
All of these tips can help you maintain a better life style anyways. By maintaining the chemical balances in your brain you can avoid anxieties, depressions and other mental illness that may inhibit your daily life.


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